Saturday, July 2, 2011


When I listen to the news at night, it can sometimes (sometimes?) be very depressing. We're going to hell in a handbag, draconian abortion clinic laws are going to result in thousands of women having no access to help, strict immigration laws in So. Carolina are causing thousands of dollars in losses to farmers, who can't find anybody to work in their fields, and the wars around the world rage on and on and on.

From time to time it's nice to just stop all the doom and gloom and think about all the truly awesome things there are in this world. Here are some awesome things that make me smile and give me hope for the future.

- Rainbows

- Double rainbows

- Seeing a double rainbow when you actually have a camera with you.

- Butterflies

- Puppy breath

- A driver actually leaving room for you to move into his/her lane

- The view of San Francisco on a clear, sunny day from the tunnel in Marin County

- The view of San Francisco anywhere on a clear day.

- The sound of the ocean crashing on the shore and the smell of the seaweed on the beach

- The smell of a rose--not a hot house rose, but a real deep red rose that someone grew in their yard.

- Solving a vexing computer problem

- Elephants

- A hillside covered with a carpet of wildflowers

- A driving rainstorm, when you're inside and can listen to it pounding on the roof.

- The smell of a musty old bookstore stacked high with books

- The sound of a big chorus echoing in a gothic church

- A really good stage performance

- Amazing architecture. Look at the details. See things you never saw before in familiar buildings you see every day.

- The fields in springtime when all the baby lambs, cows, and horses are just learning how to play.

- Waterfalls when they are at their peak

- The colors of Southern France

- Van Gogh

- The Cliffs of Mohr

- Flying over Greenland and being able to see the mountains

- Sharing good memories with good friends

- Watching a puppy learn how to open its eyes and begin to take the first wobbily steps.

- Chocolate croissants

- The finale of Riverdance. Really. After all these years.

- Yosemite

- A fabulous creme brulée

- Having a child who lets you know she thinks you're awesome, especially when you're convinced you're not.

Life is good, if you keep your eyes and your heart open and look at the beauty and the goodness around you. And maybe keep the TV news off for awhile.



phonelady said...

Yep you are totally right . I agree sometimes we forget to look at the beauty all around us .

Bev Sykes said...

Hey, Phone lady...I see you have been in contact with Eileen O on SendSomething. Do you know if her information is still current? I have something I would like to send her.