Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hitting the Wall

With 7 months to go before the election, I have hit the political wall.

My nightly routine is to watch Christ Hayes and Rachel Maddow before Jeopardy comes on.  Last night, 10 minutes into Chris Hayes, I decided that if I had to watch one more interview about the upcoming election, my head was going to explode.

I've reached the point where I hate them all.  I'm so sick of the mud slinging, even the Democrats who started out running a polite campaign, strictly on the issues.  It kills me that this week the only candidate who is saying something with which I agree is Donald Trump, when he talks about the need for election reform.  When I find myself agreeing with Donald Trump I know my head has exploded.

The whole 2 year campaign cycle is too, too, too long.  We need to do it the way...is it England?...does it, where campaigning goes on for a month and then you vote. 

At this point i don't care who stole little Johnny's lunch money in grammar school and who was a bully in high school, or who joined which radical group in college.  I don't care who supported which bill in congress 12 years ago.  I care about how feelings have evolved and what candidates feel now.  I hate the name calling and the finger pointing and there isn't one single candidate who is not doing it.
I have gone back and forth and back and forth on which candidate I will ultimately support and think I have finally made my decision. but then tomorrow something else will come out and I'll be confused again.  I want my mind to be made up and not confused by the facts.

I hate the endless talking heads, no matter how intelligent and informed they are.  It's all guess work about what might happen and charts about what will happen if this happens or what will happen if it goes the other way.  I like Hayes and Maddow because their team seems to do the old fashioned investigative reporting and they invite people with whom they disagree to come on and set the record straight.  I like that they start every interview with "do I have all the facts straight?"  You don't see that happening with other news or talking heads programs.

It's also fascinating to be on some mailing lists, though I generally delete most of them.  To read things coming out of the Democratic camp, Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents, to read things coming out of the Republican camp, Obama has destroyed the country and should be brought to trial for treason.

I'd hate to be a little kid trying to study current history right now.  I would like to be around 20-30 years from now and see how the history books treat this period of time.

It was 10 minutes into Chris Hayes' first interview last night when my head exploded and I decided that the Criminal Minds episode about child trafficking was infinitely more appealing.  At least you knew who the bad guys were and that they would get their comeuppance in the end.  Later, I checked in with Rachel Maddow and saw another chart and went back to Criminal Minds.  Maybe I'm adopting a head in the sand attitude right now, but I'm just fed up to here with it all and I just want it to be over.

And we have seven. whole. months. still to go.

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Mary Z said...

I'm with you - and I'm a great Maddow fan. But I have trouble watching even her anymore. Glad I have Netflix and Amazon and DVDs and even (horrors) OFF.

BTW, you're not too old to do the Inside Passage trip - gorgeous scenery, even if you stay on the boat the whole time. It was a tossup this summer to do the Inside Passage or a Maine Harbors and Islands trip. Maine won out, but I'm still hoping for another trip to Alaska sometime. Go for it!