Thursday, January 21, 2016

Look, Ma...

Amazing what a difference it makes when you floss.  This is flossing season around here, when I eat lots of fresh oranges, get pulp in my teeth so floss frequently.  Thus, when I saw my dental hygienist today, she had nothing bad to say about the condition of my teeth, nor did Cindy (my dentist) when she double checked. And my new x-rays were fine. I guess the secret to good dental hygiene is eating oranges!  Whoda thunk.

I went directly from the dentist's office to Susan's house (Susan, the owner of Logos).  Susan is Char's late cousin's daughter and Char and I had invited her to join us for lunch.  We met at Fenton's Creamery at the old Nut Tree center.

Fenton's is primarily known as an ice cream restaurant and they have some of the most extraordinary sundaes and other ice cream delicacies.  But we didn't have dessert.  We just enjoyed our crab salad sandwiches (all 3 of us) and had a nice visit.  (And I had half a sandwich left to bring home for dinner.)

We eventually got around to politics, which we generally do these days.  This is such a scary political year which will either maintain the status quo and improve on it, or change the direction of this country, probably forever.

We had to cut the discussion short, though, because Walt needed the car to drive to San Francisco and asked that I bring it back by 3.  I made it with 5 minutes to spare.  First we loaded up my car with five boxes of books Char had brought to donate to Logos.  She also brought some goodies for me -- 3 Judy Garland CDs from her sister's house and...ta-da! a copy of the kids' book, "The Dragon Takes a Wife,"  We came upon this book by accident 40 or so years ago and we both loved it and thought it was about the funniest book we'd ever read.  It's about a shy dragon who is looking for a wife and gets help from a jive-talking fairy named Mabel Mae Jones, who turns herself into a dragon, helps him win a duel with another dragon, marries him and helps him get a good job in the post office.

Having the book back again just made my day, though I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with it. 
At the time we first read it, we decided it was the most racist children's book we ever read, though it won the Newberry Award and the Coretta Scott King award, so maybe not...

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