Monday, April 1, 2019

A Disappointment

Well, I'm very disappointed but, in truth, not surprised.  The Fred Reif who signed my guestbook and left information on how to contact him, is not the Fred Reif I was writing about.  I was suspicious from the beginning, but did a phone # check and found the number all right, but it was registered to someone else.

I called the number today and the guy who answered didn't sound like Fred (who has a distinctive accent) and didn't recognize the name "Bev" or "Beverly."  Which is unlikely.  A woman kept shouting in the background (and I am pretty sure his wife would not do that) and when I mentioned that he had signed my guestbook, he didn't know what that is.

So probably someone is playing a trick on both me and the guy at that phone number....and shame on you.

Ned and I went to Atria yesterday.  I was so glad when someone I actually KNEW answered the door and told me that since her husband works at Eldervilla, she would go with him sometime to visit my mother.  That made me feel very good.

Trying to get things finished up is as confusing as anything ever is at Atria.  I was told that only a maintenance person could open the display case where the last of my mother's things was and that anybody who worked there could do a "walk through" with us, which apparently had to be done in order to be finished.

Well neither of those things was true.  Turns out anybody can open the display case, but even with the magic key it was NOT easy to open.  It took Ned and this woman a very long time, and the assistance of a kitchen knife to get it done.

We also did the "walk through" with her but when we went to make sure we were all finished, we had to wait until (a) a maintenance guy and (b) some other honcho could come and do a walk through (and apparently open the display case).

They found her walker, but nobody mentioned the shower chair I'd asked about several times. A woman on the phone told me they would pay me for it if they couldn't find it, but nobody mentioned that.  Ned said to just leave it.

But it got done, I signed the papers and I never have to go back there ever, ever again.  Atria is a very nice place with a lot of activities, but if you aren't interested in activities it's a huge waste of money.  Some of the aids in the memory unit are wonderful, but the crop that I've seen lately left me less than impressed, and they have had a large turnover of employees.  The "Director" of Atria, someone I'd never heard of, was the person I dealt with last week, but when I called her at the end of the week, she was gone and there was an "interim" person.  I can't remember how many directors there have been in the whole complex since my mother moved in in 6 years ago.  There have been at least three in the memory unit in the past year and there is zero communication about when someone is leaving or who the new person is who has arrived.  At the moment, I don't think there is a director in the memory unit.

But we are out of there and Sandy says my mother is interacting with the others at Eldervilla so I am much encouraged.

I spent a good part of the day exchanging emails with a guy named "Chris" (who appeared to be a different person each time) at Home Chef.  Because it didn't recognize and as the same address, it set me up with a new account and we received two boxes last week (which I thought I'd ordered, since Jeri would be here) and two boxes this week, which I did NOT order.  Every time 'Chris' (whichever iteration) wrote he would give me a link of where to solve the problem and each time it brought me to a page that said my account was suspended.  I could not find any "log out" option so I could log out and log in again with the proper address (which is now g-mail).

I'm not sure how it all got worked out, but it seems to be working now.  But we have the double box from last week still to cook this week.

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