Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Toenails, TB, and Turkeys

We have had so many people in and out of the house in the last few months that, with the aid of the magic button I bought which emits an ultrasonic sound that Polly can hear and humans can't, living with Polly has become much easier.  She barks when Ned comes, but not her "go away or I'll kill you" bark, her "oh it's you...give me a treat" bark that she gives both Walt and me when we come home.

She unquestioningly accepted both Walt's brother and sister, and also Jessica, our "on call" helper who comes when we need something and Ned's not around.  She even behaved herself when Mark, the guy from Seniorly, came.

So I've become rather blasé about her attitude toward visitors.  Today was an exception.  Ashley said she would come by and cut her nails and as soon as I opened the door Polly was in full "kill her" mood and even the magic button only caused her to wince and then move far away and continue to bark.  Ashley has taken care of her so often I can't understand her attitude.  She hadn't even taken her clippers out to try to cut her toenails.

But eventually with lots of help from Walt and holding her in a better position (Ashley's a pro) the nails got cut, but Polly was definitely not happy about it.

In the afternoon, I took my mother back to Kaiser to get a chest x-ray.  It was faster than the TB skin test and I could move my mother to Eldervilla sooner since we would have the results back in the morning. 

Oh I will be so glad when I don't have to go back to Atria to pick her up.  The staff seems to be mostly new (the director says no, but some people who have been there for years have rescheduled their time she says).  It didn't ring true for me and I asked the one holdover this morning and she said that yes, the staff is new.  I have not been impressed with the new staff and will be glad not to have to deal with them. 

We got the x-ray mostly easilyl but while we were sitting in the waiting room, a chatty woman joined us and happily asked me "do you like Mr. Trump?"  I said that I did not and she said "Oh dear...I love him"  Fortunately we were called for x-ray right about then.

On the way home I decided to drive through the cemetery since so many of the trees are in blossom.  These days my mother is less interested in trees and more interested in cars (she can't believe there are CARS parked on the street.  Everywhere.)  But I pulled over to take a picture of some of the trees and realized that the cemetery was alive with turkeys

At first I thought it was just these two,  but then there were dozens of young turkeys flocking across the road.

For a bit they blocked me into the cemetery as they paraded out across the exit and then headed off down the sidewalk to...who knows where?

My mother wasn't nearly as tickled about the turkeys as I was, but we were almost home, a place she had never seen before.  I called to have them come out and meet her, but as it was all afternoon, the phone was not answered  Fortunately someone was coming out to her car at the end of her shift, and she agreed to take my mother in.

One more day....one more day.

Tomorrow I think I will take her to lunch in the big dining room and hope we see my favorite waitress (or have all those servers been replaced too....?) and then take her for a haircut, since it's really too long and she should arrive at Eldervilla looking as neat and tidy as possible.

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