Monday, March 25, 2019

Things Winding Down

Last night we went to see a wonderful production of 42nd Street at the Woodland Opera House.  I sat in the gimp section at the back, but they gave comp tickets to Jeri and Alice Nan too and they were able to sit together closer down.

Today was Alice Nan's last day here.  Jeri, who made a delicious dinner last night, pulled together the contents of the refrigerator and made a delicious breakfast.

In the early afternoon, before Alice Nan turned her wheels south she came with us to Eldervilla to visit my mother.  She was eating lunch with two other women when we got there.

It looks like she's grumpy, but she actually seemed to be enjoying herself.  We sat at the table with her for awhile and I was able to get a nice 2-dog picture.

Alice Nan liked her bedroom and she stayed to chat for a bit longer, but finally had to get on the road.  Jeri and I stayed, though Jeri was very sleepy and fell asleep on her grandmother's shoulder, while Simba napped on Jeri's knee and I watched the MSNBC coverage of the newly released Mueller report

We finally left and my mother didn't seem to be stressed by our leaving her.  It feels like she is settling in, thank goodness.

Jeri and I came back to Davis and stopped at Borders for an asparagus quesadilla and a nice chat, then home for a bit.  I took a short nap, then cooked dinner and everyone (but me) was off to an early sleep.  Jeri will be going back to Boston tomorrow and we will miss her.

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