Monday, February 4, 2019


Walt and don't usually watch the Super Bowl.  I can take football or leave it and only watch if the 49ers are playing--and not even then.  I don't know how much football Walt watches, because if he does, it's usually upstairs where I can't see him, but in any event, the Super Bowl is never a big deal around here.

However, Tom, the football fanatic, is here now and it's always fun to watch a football game with Tom, actually many times it's more fun to watch Tom watching football.

I briefly thought of getting a party together, but for only 3 of us, it didn't seem logical, though I made a slow cooker chili, so people could eat chili whenever they got hungry.

Tom had other ideas.  He whipped up some deviled eggs, guacamole (with blue corn chips) and a veggie plate.

Later in the afternoon he fixed turkey sliders, which were delicious.

And then, as the game was ending, there was my chili.  So we had a "party" after all, without going overboard.

Of course the game itself was nothing that made you want to party.  I know I'm not a football fan, but this one was boring.  First Super Bowl game with NO touchdowns as the 4th quarter started. 

Someone on Facebook this morning said that the teams yesterday played like they knew the winner would be invited to the White House.

Heck, it wasn't even fun to watch Tom during this game.

I did not enjoy the half time show and, based on comments on Facebook, it was not just because I am an old poop--many people commented on the blah-ness of it.  

The commercials are usually fun to watch, but there were only a few of those that made it to the fun category.  The history of football was funny and we all actually laughed.  And the Budweiser/Game of Thrones collaboration was visually interesting, though I think I would have appreciated it more if I watched Game of Thrones.  The Pepsi commercial with Steve Carrel was fun. But where was the heart-warming Budweiser Clydesdale commercial?  The only touching commercial was Microsoft's...and bravo to them.

But this one, by the Washington Post was a real winner, though I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the "commercial" segments on tv or on line.

When it was all over came the realization that life is henceforth a blank.  It was Sunday night...and where was the latest episode of Outlander?  We have entered what fans of the show refer to as "droughtlander," that period of time between the finale and the start of the next season (which won't be until next year).

I did the only thing that worked;  I went OnDemand and watched the first episode of Season 1 again, and will probably watch all 4 seasons again, over the coming weeks.

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