Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Backfield in Motion (1969)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here
1) This week's Saturday 9 has a football theme because there's a big game Sunday. Will you be watching?
I am not a sports buff and if we have the game on, it's usually just for the commercials.  However, our football fanatic son will be here on Sunday, so we will probably watch the game more closely than we ever have since the last time the 49ers played.

2) The Super Bowl is the second-largest day for food consumption in the US, second only to Thanksgiving. What's on your menu this weekend?
I haven't decided yet.  There will only be 3 of us and I don't want to overdo.  I will probably make a slow cooker chili and then some finger foods.

3) Super Bowl Sunday is the #1 day for consuming guacamole. When did you most recently eat something with avocado in it?
We usually have something with avocado in it nearly every day.  I don't think I've eaten avocado in 2 days, but will have it in a salad tonight.

4) The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton, OH. Have you ever visited Canton, or any other city in Ohio?
Canton, no, but we've been to Cincinnati and to a town I forget the name of, but where Jeri did summer stock for two years.  Also to Lancaster, OH to visit Georgia Griffith

5) This song mentions different moves that football players -- and, it seems, girlfriends -- can make that will result in penalties. What's the last rule you broke? What were the consequences?
I can't think of anything.

6) In 1969, the year this song was popular, the Colts lost to the New York Jets in Super Bowl III. The game is famous because of all the hype leading up to it, including Joe Namath "guaranteeing" his underdog Jets would win. Tell us about a time when you felt like an underdog.
Ned started keeping an extensive journal about his father's health, all the doctor's appointments, etc., which each of our guest caregivers are adding to.  Because of my "whatever it was," I'm kind of not included in the care, but it did make me feel like chopped liver when someone wrote that Walt was looking forward to "alone time" -- when I would be here!
7) This week's featured duo, Mel and Tim, are cousins from Mississippi. Tell us about one of your cousins.
That's a subject that gives me a pang in my heart.  Two of my cousins, Peach and Kathy were my good friends and we met with my mother one weekend a month, for many years, to visit, play cards, drink, eat, and spend the night.   It was my favorite time of the month.  Kathy died of COPD in 2011 and Peach died of cancer a couple of years later...and, of course, my mother now has Alzheimers and barely remembers either of them.  In total, I have 32 cousins, but those two were the two I was close to.

8) The song is about a man who catches his girl cheating and he just won't put up with it. In romance, do you find it easy to forgive and forget?
It is much easier to forgive than to forget.

9) Random question: You've collected a box of gently-used items to donate to a second hand store. What would it be most likely to contain: clothes, housewares, or books/video/music?
We probably donate more books than anything else, though if I get ambitious and do a lot of closet cleaning, there might be clothes are housewares.

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