Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Father's Daughter

During the Watergate scandal, my father was obsessed.  He kept voluminous scrapbooks of newspaper articles and he was glued to the TV during all the TV coverage.  Chair of the Senate committee, Sam Ervin was his particular hero.

We all indulged him in this obsession but nobody else even shared his passion for the event, but I sure remember how involved he was with it all.

Now here we are involved in the Trump mess and I find myself following in my father's footsteps.  With the internet, I don't need scrapbooks, but I sure have followed Muller's investigation for the past 2 years (insomuch as anybody could "follow" that very secret investigation!) and have been glued to the television today, watching the crazy congressional hearing.

You don't need to identify who is democrat and who is republican.  All you need to do is to see who is apolectic in their denouncement of Cohen and who asks reasonable questions.  And dontcha love a guy who brings in a black woman to prove that Trump is not a racist?   She looked very uncomfortable.  An African American black reporter said it was the most disgusting thing she had seen in a long time.  ONE Southern woman, who works nowhere near the White House is supposed to prove that Trump is not a racist.

I also loved the woman who ranted and raved that Congress had more important things to do -- like deal with the problem of children separated from their parents.  Where have they been all this time?  ONE day listening to charges against the sitting president for criminal activity in the White House is preventing them from doing what they should have been doing for MONTHS???

Cohen is a slimeball, but I can't help but feel sympathy for him as I watch these scurilous attacks by the republican congressmen.  And I sincerely hope there is censure for the guy who tweeted that he hoped Cohen was ready to talk about his girlfriends and wondered if his wife would remain faithful while he's in prison.


Meanwhile, there's the Orange Menace himself, visiting VietNam for the first time, patting one of the world's biggest terrorists on the back and talking about how wonderful he is.  Giving the man legitimacy on the world stage.  The man who promised Amerians that "the threat is over" because he and Kim had come to an agreement on nuclear disarmament, which has not hapened, now says he's "in no hurry" for Kim to get rid of his nukes.

From David Gerrold: 
It is time for every moral American to speak out against the criminal acts of this corrupt administration that seeks only to enrich itself at the expense of the rest of us — it's time to demand that these people be removed from any position of authority by the fastest legal means available. It is time to let the Republican party know that if they continue to support this fraud, they will pay the consequences at the polls. 

And the way we do this is by creating a perfect storm of political waves that will advance our issues into the national conversation — raising the minimum wage, tax reform, climate change, renewable energy, sustainable economy, voting rights, immigration, infrastructure, etc. We need a blue wave, a pink wave, a brown wave, a black wave, a rainbow wave — we need to demonstrate that every important demographic in America will unite against the crimes of the Republican party.

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