Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Families in Movies

1. The Corleones (TheGodfather)
2. The von Trapp Family (Sound of Music)
3. The Griswolds (Vacation, etc.)
4. The Hardy family (any of the Andy Hardy movies)
5. The Smith family (Meet Me In St. Louis)
6. The Fockers & the Burns (Meet the Parents)
7. The Meecham family (The Great Santini)
8. The Brown family (National Velvet)
9. The Simpsons
10. The Banks family (Father of the Bride and Mary Poppins)
11. The March family (Little Women)
12. The Spencer family (Spencer’s Mountain – later became The Waltons)
13. The Gilbreth Family (Cheaper by the Dozen)

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