Thursday, May 9, 2019

Lost Sock Day

I've been having fun discovering all of the weird dates set aside for weird things.  I missed "no socks day" yesterday, but I wouldn't have celebrated anyway, because I always wear socks.  Always. 
But today I have to finally face a big job waiting for me.  It's "lost sock memorial day" and so it's time to confront this:

We all know that when you put a pair of socks in the wash, half the time only one of them survives and the other may or may not reappear at some point.  So I've been collecting all of the solitary socks for a long time now, intending at some point to go through and see if there were actually any pairs in there.  My mis-matched socks filled 2 big bags and Today Was The Day to deal with it all.

I should point out that I started wearing the same kind of socks years ago, when I got too fat to lift my leg to put on other socks easily.  It's too bad because I had a nice collection of interesting designed socks, which are now too small (can one be too small to fit into socks?).  I buy these fluffy socks at the Dollar store, which almost always has a nice assortment.  If I were smart, I'd buy half a dozen of the same design and avoid this particular situation.  I almost always eventually wear a hole in the heel of one of the socks, leaving the other just fine and wearable, but unmatched, which many of the above socks are.

So I laid them all out on the family room floor (to Polly's consternation because it was taking up HER space!) and was surprised to discover how many pairs of socks I actually had in the pile.

I filled an empty drawer with all of those now matched pairs of socks and I don't think I'm going to have to do any sock shopping for awhile  I will start weeding them out as they get holes in the heels, but even at that, it's gonna take awhile before I'm needing new socks!

(The drawer is full just from matching up socks in the pile.)

Brianna's softball team just won their mini tournament and Bri made the winning play!

Lacie (on a different team) also finally got her first hit, which was a big cause for celebration.

Lacie has been so uninterested in sports that it's nice to see that she is finally getting interested in playing.  She will never be the athlete that Brianna is, though.  Lacie will publish her first book by the time she's 20.

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