Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lions and Witches, Oh My

I wrote my very best "Jeri is awesome" journal entry in 2000 and reprinted it in 2016.  I won't reprint it here today because I don't think I could improve on it, but I refer you to it as you sit here and mentally think "Happy Birthday, Jeri."

2 days old

She's grown a bit since then, but is still awesome.  Happy birthday, Jeri!

In other news, my mother's flu test came back positive for Influenza A and, added to the other flu victims at Atria, the memory unit is on lock down and the reception we were supposed to go to tonight to meet the new director has been postponed to next week.  She has been started on Tamiflu.

My task today was to see this show, which actually opened a couple of weeks ago, but I had a full slate and have been unable to review it.  But I guess they really wanted me to review it and even though there are only a few more days for it to run.  I told them I didn't think there was going to be space in the Enterprise to post a review, but I could put one on my review blog, Bitter Hack, and the publicist said that would be fine.

So off I traipsed to Sacramento this morning.  Walt could not come because he was going to what turned out to be an almost all afternoon meeting here in Davis.

The show was being held in the "big theater" at the new complex for the B Street Theater.  B Street (which used to be on B Street, but is now on 27th St.) was founded in 1986 by Timothy and Buck Busfield (yes that Timothy Busfield, formerly of 30 Something and now the president's physician on Designated Survivor...and his brother).  They performed in this little dinky place with two stages, in two different buildings.  The seating, especially in the "children's theater" was very uncomfortable (benches, not chairs).  I don't know how many it sat, but not all that many. 

Well, B Street opened its magnificent new theater, "The Sofia" (The Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Performing Arts) and the children's theater is now the "big" theater and seats 386 in very comfortable chairs.  The former "big theater" is now the smaller theater and has a colder atmosphere, but still very posh compared to what they had a before.

When they do one of the shows designed for young people, they also do two shows during the day during the week that are free for school kids.  School buses lined up outside the theater, which was FILLED with school kids from very young to high school age and surprisingly well behaved.

this shows about half or less of the total audience today,

I was eager to see what they were going to do with a 2-person cast for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I haven't quite figured out yet what I'm going to say about it.  It was strange, but well done for a 60 minute show with only two actors.  I somehow am very glad that I had read the book and so knew the story.  I wonder if the kids were able to follow.

When it was over, I stopped by Mel's diner and had some breakfast/lunch before wending my way through Sacramento and West Sacramento to the freeway.  I don't love the freeway, so I go through town as much as possible and meet up with the actual freeway on the start of the Causeway which links West Sacramento with Davis, over a long wildlife refuge.  This means I don't have to change lanes at all getting home!

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