Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lacie Day

With Bri at softball camp this was a day to spend with Lacie. We picked her up at her dance camp and went to lunch. Alice Nan wanted to go to a sit down restaurant and by the beach where we could watch boats; Lacie wanted to go to Taco Bell so we compromised on in-and-out, which has a sticker game Lacie likes.

We spent an hour or so playing games back at her house then returned here for an hour or so. At 5 Alice picked Lacie up to take her to karate. Walt and I met them there and when the class was over we went to dinner at the house of good friends.

I have given up trying go post FTW and will just do the boring overviews until I get home (I am writing an entry each day just WAITING until I can post them!)

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Laurelie said...

Looking forward to catching up once you are home :o)