Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lacie Day #3

We have never had this much "alone time (without Brianna)" with Lacie  -- ever.

We picked her up from dance camp and went to Taco Bell (her favorite place) for lunch and then AN decided we would go to the natural history museum, which Lacie pouted was "boring (which seems to be her favorite word if there are 2 minutes without getting anything she considers fun...usually a game she invents.

I got the idea to challenge her to find 5 interesting things in the museum and then make up a quiz game to play in the car later. That seemed to work and we actually spent 4 hours there with live butterflies, fake dinosaurs, and an ecology exhibit which may have been the most fun of all

Taco dinner at Tom's with a chance to find out what Bri has been doing for the last 3 days.

Home so they could all get some sleep. Word from Ned is that they hit a snag (More termites) and best stay here another day so we will now drive home on Friday, which means we will be here for Lacie's dance recital tomorrow.