Friday, May 26, 2017


It's days like this when I love being a grandma, and love this correspondence I have started with my granddaughters.

This is my first letter from Lacie and Tom said she insisted on addressing it herself, without help.  He wasn't sure it would arrive or not.  It did and I loved that it was sent without a regulation postage stamp, though I loved that she chose Dorothy to put on as a stamp.

Inside she drew a computer keyboard for me.  Lacie and I are starting a correspondence.  I've been writing to both girls for a couple of years now. Brianna and I now have a "normal" correspondence, since she can read and write well.  It will take a couple of years for Lacie to get there, but I love that, living such a long way away, I have found a way to keep close to the girls.  Both girls are very verbal and love books, so Bri's writing is really very good and I have every expectation that Lacie, who is even more of a bookworm, if possible, will get there too.

* * *
Today Ned came over and helped Walt prune a pomegranate tree. Then they went back to the apartment and removed all the stuff to be taken to the thrift store.  The apartment is now empty.  And I thought we had discovered everywhere she thought of to hide soiled undergarments (desk drawer, kitchen drawers, bedside table, linen closet, etc.) but Ned found a pair of underpants in the oven.  I'm surprised we didn't find any in the refrigerator.

I let Atria know that we're out and they have to do a walk--through with us, but then we're all good.
And then I can confront the bookkeeper for the outrageous $18.000 bill she just sent me!!!!!  Very, very wrong.

When they got back from Atria, Walt and Ned moved the treadmill out of the family room and my mother's couch in...there is now a place for guests to actually SIT in that room!  Don't know what will happen to the treadmill.  The kids and Walt bought it for me to help prepare for the France/Italy tour and it got a lot of use, but not lately.  I am glad to finally have it out of the family room and have that space back again.

* * *
In Sunday Stealing this week, the last question asked what other memes people liked and I found a couple to check out, so today I thought I would do Friday 5.  I skipped Thursday 13, which I might try again (though I did it for about 2 years before), and moved ahead to Friday 5, which I had never seen before:

1. How did you name your pets?
Lizzie arrived as a foster named Happy, which certainly fit her personality, but she has this compulsion to jump and I decided to rename her Leaping Lizzie.  She's getting to be an old lady now and doesn't jump as much as she used to, but she still leaps more than most dogs.
Polly also arrived as a foster and as I was contemplating what to call her, I was watching NCIS and decided to name her Pauley, after Pauley Perette, who plays Abby on the show.  Only everyone thought it was Polly as in Underdog, so I caved and called her Polly.

2. Poirot or Miss Marpel?
I haven't read a lot of Agatha Christie and enjoyed both detectives in the books I did read, but being an old lady myself I tend to lean toward Miss Marpel...England's inspiration, I suspect, for Murder, She Wrote's Jessica Fletcher.

3. Do you have a FB account too?
Is the Pope Catholic?  I have been on FB for so long that in the early days I found a group called "Am I the oldest person on Facebook" and joined it...and I was by far the oldest person in THAT group.  Of course now people of all ages belong, but in the beginning, I was a trailblazer for the grey-haired set!

4. Books - hardcover or paperback
Hardcover, because the print is larger, but really my preference is Kindle, because if the print is too small, I can always make it larger.

5. Mobile (cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?
I have an Apple iPhone 7.  The only reason I have the 7 is that Verizon gave it to me for free when I tried to upgrade to the iPhone 6.  Basically I love it.  It has features I definitely do not like, but it works better than my old iPhone 4 and I love that.  I have also learned how to use Twitter, which may or may not be a good thing!

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